Prenatal Diagnostic Center

The Prenatal Diagnostic Center provides the following services:

  • The first trimester genetic screening, using the ultrasound to measure the fold of the cervix of the fetus for pregnant women of a low genetic risk group;
  • Expert examinations for the detection of sonographic chromosomal pathologies of the fetus and interpretation of the results for pregnant women of an increased genetic risk group;
  • Application of invasive prenatal diagnostic methods (amniocentesis, chorion biopsy) for diagnosis of the fetal genetic pathology;
  • The second trimester fetal structure examination;
  • Determination of the blood flow in the mother and the fetus with the fetal growth retardation and hypertensive complications;
  • Observation of rhesus-negative pregnant women, if antibodies are found;
  • The fetal external turnover in the case of the baby with head up;
  • Ultrasonic examination of pregnant women and puerparal women according to the clinical indications;
  • Ultrasound examination of gynaecological patients.

It is possible to receive the State-funded services, as well as payable services under the price list of the Riga Maternity Hospital.

Opening hours of the Prenatal Diagnostic Center: weekdays 08.00 – 16.00.

T.: + 371 67011325, cell phone + 371 26499731.

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